As working capital intermediary we facilitate the monetization of receivables into an immediate cash flow through a centralized and automated reverse factoring platform which enable both buyers and their suppliers benefit as they optimize working capital, mitigate risk, and reduce operational costs.

For Buyers

SCF platform helps buyers unlock hundreds of millions of rands in working capital while mitigating risk and reducing costs across the supply chain.

For Suppliers

SCF platform turns receivables into cash quickly and cheaply for suppliers by granting them visibility into approved invoices and a low-cost early payment option.

We are bringing cash flow and working capital to thousands of small and medium-sized businesses who can significantly reduce their cost of capital. SME′s will benefit from our source of capital that validates that they are currently accessing funds at an economic rate and will be complimentary to their current funding sources. Central Invoice Fund enables companies to compress their Cash Conversion Cycles (CCC) and significantly reduce their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), allowing them to grow and manage their businesses at a fraction of traditional financing costs. Monetizing accounts receivable into cash is a smart, easy and efficient way for privately held businesses to finance growth.