Invoice Factoring

Our Invoice Factoring solution allows you to gain immediate access to your working capital as soon as you raise your invoices. With up to 95% of the invoice value advanced straight away, you'll have the funding you need to bring your business survival or growth to life without having to wait the 30, 60 or even 90 days that your customers might take to pay you.

credit card

Direct Sales Finance

A full-recourse, direct sales finance solution committed to providing sales financing by which dealers and distributors can offer quality household products to consumers through affordable monthly payments inclusive of a comprehensive and competitive bad debt protection insurance cover, mitigating the cost of replacement in the event of loss due to non-repayments.

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Wonga Umbane Green Fund

Is an asset based finance solution aimed at aiding companies and households to conserve the national energy consumption by acquiring energy efficient products that will reduce energy costs while impacting positively on the environment through the reduction of energy usage and greenhouse emissions.